We design interiors so that they gain beauty, comfort and undeniable character.

Each of our projects results from our passion for beauty and awareness of the importance of ergonomics of a particular space. Therefore, the interiors we create are individual and unique.

Chief designer

Dominika Jurczak

master of arts, interior designer - chief designer
graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
faculty of Interior Design, specialization: Interior Design
diploma - May 2009

About design studio

This is where every new project begins.
See how we work.

We design private interiors, i.e. apartments and houses as well as commercial interiors - shops, hotels or restaurants. We are open to various scopes of cooperation.

What remains the same is the fact that we always add a unique look and style to each space.

The interior design consists of three stages and author's supervision. We determine the design scope at a meeting.

01first stage

inventory of the designed interiors and making photo documentation, determining the investor's preferences and expectations regarding the interior functions, preliminary 2D arrangement designs (interior communication, partition walls, arrangement of home and household appliances), material proposals (floors, walls, ceilings), developing a lighting project and full electrics (lighting control, arrangement of switches and sockets)

02second stage

preparing 3D visualization (if included in the project valuation), technical designs of ceilings, floors and walls, technical designs for other installations (heating, water and sewage system, sound system, etc.), technical designs for furniture and construction details

03third stage

interior lighting fixtures, free-standing furniture and decoration elements, preparation of a design book with full technical documentation and contacts to contractors, as well as addresses of showrooms, we have verified repair and construction crews and contractors with whom we work

04author's supervision

we check the compliance of the works carried out with the project at the investor's request, we are in constant contact with the contractors, the supervision included in the valuation consists of three meetings at the construction site at the investor's request, additional author's supervision is possible on the terms established individually

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